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Managing Partner

Michael Wall

My goal in life is to always look for an opportunity to give a person a hand up and a way to add some level of growth and positivity to their life using the knowledge and tools at my disposal.

Born and raised in New Jersey, later migrated to Sacramento, CA via the United States Air Force. In the Air Force I began my journey into helping people as a Medical Service Specialist (Medic).

Once my tour was completed, I decided to continue in the medical profession and decided to become a Nurse. I enjoyed a long career(36yrs) at UCDMC with a specialty in Pediatric Nursing and the last 20 years in Pediatric ICU.

During that time, I decided to feed my entrepreneurial spirit and explored a few business ventures but settled on a couple, Real Estate and Financial Services. In the Real Estate industry, I worked in the residential arena and transitioned to the commercial arena assisting business owners and investors. Adding Financial Services to my repertoire and partnering with Blue Horizon Financial and Insurance Services, I saw how I can be of greater service to my clients.

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