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Managing Partner

Bashir Muhammad

I’m Brother Bashir, the managing partner of Blue Horizon Insurance. I have a passion for plants and finances. I studied Plant Science at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. I currently reside in Georgia and enjoy sharing stories that inspire others to live healthy and build wealth through financial planning.

What put me on the road of financial planning was when I inherited my father’s life insurance policy at 18 and spent all of it before graduation. While still passionate about growing plants I realized financial planning was something needed at an early age to grow wealth. I found that life insurance was the most effective and misunderstood tool for wealth building strategies and needed to become an early life priority rather than a later one.

My Goal is to educate and inspire our youth about wealth building strategies they can use to secure their future. I aim to help entrepreneurs utilize life insurance as a tool for both family and business.

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